Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Working As Someone On The Autism Spectrum

Working As Someone On The Autism Spectrum

Written by a Ripon College acquaintance. Thank you, Bill Sitter, for sharing your perspective on, and relationship with, Autism.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Xmas Train Part 6: Arriving & Bonus Material

Back on BART
Bonus Material

Xmas Train Part 5: Entering Lake Tahoe, CA Area

Donner Lake
Lake area where people were stranded and turned to cannibalism to survive.

Some of my favorite scenery

Stuck Behind A Snow Plow
From dense snow to bursting green. Back in sunny California for sure! 

Passed through Roseville at some point.

Ten minutes ahead of schedule at our fresh air break in Sacramento. Not picking up any more passengers, so we can leave as soon as people clear out or get back in.

Xmas Train Part 4: Utah & Nevada

The Journey Continues

Winter Warning Watch Alert

Last Colorado Stop

Rocky Exit from Colorado

Salt Lake City Starting Below

Xmas Full Moon from Salt Lake Station

Getting Some Fresh Utah Air

Went through most of Nevada overnight Friday. Time travel: Photos posted backwards from Reno eastward, to waking up to the sunlit scenery.

Shitter's (Almost) Full

See Part 5 to continue into California